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A-Z Activism

 Vocab Guide 

Your go-to guide for

 activism theory made simple.


 Don't let unfamiliar terms hold you back

from advocating for change.


Our A-Z Activism Vocabulary Guide bridges the gap between activism jargon and meaningful action.


We believe Canadians should be active and well-informed participants in meaningful discussions, especially those affecting them.

No more feeling left out!

Our youth-led team of changemakers at Canada Confesses carefully curated a comprehensive list of terms frequently used in activist circles, ensuring that everyone can confidently engage in activism.

Term of the Month

At Canada Confesses, we define activism as taking actions to bring about meaningful change in order to address social injustices. For example, activism involves engaging in various activities that lead to positive improvements for those who have been historically marginalized or treated unfairly.

 Key Terms 

Learn something new.

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C & D
E & F
G & H
I & J
K & L
M & N
O & P
Q & R
S & T
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W & X
Y & Z



The A-Z Activism Vocabulary Guide offered by Canada Confesses serves as a tool to facilitate understanding and engagement in the realm of social justice and activism. It's essential to note that the views and perspectives expressed within the guide's definitions and examples belong to their respective authors and sources, not necessarily to Canada Confesses. We appreciate the diversity of opinions and experiences, as our goal is to provide a valuable resource that contributes to productive dialogue and growth.


 If you encounter any term definitions that you find objectionable, inappropriate, or discomforting, we welcome your feedback as we continue to refine and enhance the guide.

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