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Terms: Victim Blaming

Victim Blaming


“Victim blaming i’s questioning people who experience violence — especially sexual violence — about their actions, and what they could have done to prevent it, or worse, invite it. It’s pointing out supposed weaknesses or differences in a person that could have made them a target. In general, it’s the common tendency for people to look for the cause of violence as something the person who experienced harm did or didn’t do to prevent it.” Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton


  1. “What did you expect going out dressed like that?”

  2. “Why didn’t they fight back?”

  3. “You shouldn’t have gone home with them.”

  4. “Why did they get so drunk?” SACE


Victim Blaming | Sexual Assault Centre Of Edmonton


Victim Blaming | Sexual Assault Centre Of Edmonton

Victim Blaming: The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime

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