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Our Team

Canada Confesses is driven by the passion and dedication of our 100% volunteer-led team, the majority of whom are youth. Our volunteers are the foundation of our project. It is through their unwavering commitment that we are able to strive toward a more equitable and sustainable Canada.

Meet the co-founders.

Nancy and Priscilla, co-founders of Canada Confesses

"Seeing how the Covid pandemic made systemic injustices in Canada more visible, we felt it was essential to create a platform that could connect and amplify the voices of those who needed it most. Fast forward to today, we are actively pursuing our mission to make Canada a more sustainable and equitable place for all to be."


- Nancy and Priscilla,
Co-Founders of Canada Confesses


Meet our advisory board.

Image by Lewis Parsons, Content creator

Nicholas, Content Creator

It is one thing to say you are an advocate for change, and another to actually be a part of it. I want to build a resume of experiences and projects that display I have chosen the latter.

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Faces of Canada Confesses

Learn about Canada Confesses from the people behind it!

Why I Volunteered With Canada Confesses 

"Canada Confesses is an online-based project committed to addressing the social injustices that have occurred and are currently ongoing in Canada. Because I am a firm believer in the power of social justice, I quickly filled out the volunteer application form. I knew that I would be doing incredibly worthwhile volunteer work to address social injustice issues..."

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