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Canada Confesses is urgently looking for skilled individuals passionate about social justice to join our growing team.


With a diverse team of over 40 volunteers and allies from coast to coast to coast, we’re growing exponentially and making sure our advocacy work is grounded in inclusive values, policies, and practices.

Volunteers are the backbone of our project and our success relies on the team's dedication to working towards a more equitable and sustainable Canada.

We hope to have you on our journey.

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  Who We Are  

Canada Confesses is a 100% volunteer-led online-based project.


From the Board of Directors to Content Creators, Translators, Outreach Volunteers, Resource Curators, Graphic Designers, and Ambassadors, our team comprises a vibrant and diverse group of Canadians from coast to coast unified with a vision.

Use our interactive map below to view where our volunteers are located!

Open Volunteer Positions

Ambassador Lead

The Ambassador Lead supervises ambassadors to maximize community impact and grow their professional skills and experience. They report outreach progress and results to the team. They also oversee and participate in the simultaneous implementation of a wide range of outreach initiatives.

Director of Marketing

​The Director of Marketing is responsible for promoting & posting our content on all of our platforms. You would generate a monthly report that identifies trends, insights, and performance-based on our analytics. You would also create and maintain an online presence on various platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, & Reddit

CC Ambassador

As an ambassador, you would champion our cause by actively sharing and engaging with our content on a social media platform(s) of your choice. There are a variety of ways to contribute! 

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers for Canada Confesses design content such as infographics, project graphics or campaign ads. You would create eye-catching designs that follow our branding and creative direction


Translators for Canada Confesses read and thoroughly understand the context of the given material. You would have a keen eye for detail and be fluent in at least two languages, including English. 

Director of Design

The Director of Design is responsible for assigning tasks to the graphic designers that entail content and material related to social justice issues in Canada. You would review and edit work created by the design team. You can also be tasked with creating promotional materials, short videos, and design elements for the team.

Outreach Volunteer

Outreach Volunteers promote Canada Confesses on various media platforms and assists the Director of Outreach on promotional campaigns & recruitment. Outreach Volunteers would attend networking events to promote Canada Confesses when needed.

Resource Curator

Resource Curators for Canada Confesses are detail-oriented, organized, and can research accurate, up-to-date, and Canadian-based resources, and volunteer opportunities for our audience. 

Content Creator

Content creators for Canada Confesses create written or video content that can educate, engage and inform an audience. You would deliver useful and appealing information about social justice issues and the work we do.

What Our Volunteers Say

Image by Lewis Parsons

Nicholas, Content Creator

It is one thing to say you are an advocate for change, and another to actually be a part of it. I want to build a resume of experiences and projects that display I have chosen the latter.

Why I Volunteered With Canada Confesses 

Canada Confesses is an online-based project committed to addressing the social injustices that have occurred and are currently ongoing in Canada. We are dedicated to supporting and fighting for the human rights marginalized groups of Canadians who experience inequalities. Canada Confesses has partnered with government representatives and more than 20 Canadian organizations.