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If you have a question that isn't here,
please contact us! 


Will my identity be protected on public posts?

Yes, all posts submitted will not include any personal information such as name, place of work/education, or address.

What if I accidentally send a post and wish to take it down?

We have an “Access Your Confession” option on our website! When you submit a confession you must create a 6-alphanumeric code that will be used to access your confession in the future.

Will the analytics be published?

The analytics are only used internally for research and policymaking purposes.



How many confessions may I submit?

You can submit an unlimited number of confessions, however, remember to keep track of your personalized codes.

Do I have to be over the age of majority to submit a confession?

We accept confessions from individuals under the age of majority however please obtain parent or guardian permission if you are under 13 years old.



Are the promotions/affiliations paid?

The promotions/affiliations are free and based on good merit unless indicated otherwise.



When will I hear back about my volunteer application?

We respond within 5 business days so if you haven't received an email from us yet, please check your spam folder! If it isn't in spam, please email us to ensure we received it!

Where can I learn more about the volunteer roles?

You can view our full volunteer packages here. They're also included in the form when you apply!

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