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activism is not a solo journey

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Thank you for joining us at Read, Watch & Learn (RWL), where passionate youth came together to explore pressing social issues in Canada through a series of engaging workshops. 


If you're passionate about social justice and eager to make a difference, we invite you to review the event highlights and continue the conversation.

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RWL Workshop Series

Workshop #1

🔥Discover Indigenous Resiliency and Steps to Reconciliation in our workshop led by the incredible Danni Okemaw! A heartfelt thank you to all who registered, attended, or amplified our recent RWL Workshop with the incredible Danni Okemaw. View our favourite learning takeaways from the workshop below. 📚

A poster announcing the first workshop on Indigenous Resiliency and  Steps to Reconciliation with Danni Okemaw

Workshop #2

🌟 Ready to learn & unlearn? Our engaging workshop, led by Linda Espinosa Valencia and Ana Maria Desmaison Cornejo from Ventura Collective, identified the Systems of Oppression around us, their connections, and the tools that keep them in power.

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Workshop #3

This workshop shared strategies for sustainable activism and collective action. Attendees engaged with insightful speakers, participated in community dialogue and discovered practical approaches for resilience and solidarity. 🌍✨

RWL Workshop 3 - Instagram Ad.png
Organizations attended

RWL was attended by nonprofits, academics, students, activists, and community members.

Why people joined RWL?

Connect with diverse individuals passionate about social change. Join a vibrant community of change-makers.

 Broaden Horizons 🥇

Engage in thoughtful discussions, deepen empathy and broaden your worldview.

Join anywhere 🌎

Regardless of your location within Canada, RWL welcomes you. Engage in meaningful conversations from the comfort of your home.

Build a community 🧠

continue learning 🌐

Immerse yourself in curated resources from our database. Challenge existing beliefs, develop critical thinking skills, and embark on a personal growth journey.

Receive a certificate 📜👀

Get rewarded for your active participation! RWL offers a signed certificate of workshop attendance to recognize your time and efforts.


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Sam Anon

Not all webinars are worthwhile, many merely spew platitudes and common knowledge. This one was different and very good.

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