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Canada Confesses stands in solidarity with global communities enduring ongoing genocides, severe human rights violations, and humanitarian crises spanning from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to Sudan and Palestine. Read Our Values

We are Canada Confesses.

Through impactful youth-driven projects,

we expose social injustices, amplify marginalized voices, and connect changemakers in Canada.

Global Solidarity, Local Action

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Audience Reach

We create infographics and content that inform Canadians, and our social impact extends to virtual & in-person events.


Free Resources

We're building Canada's most extensive library of free essential resources. Canadians deserve access to support.



We're led by a volunteer team of passionate Canadians driven by our shared commitment to making a difference.



We've partnered with

over thirty Canadian organizations, engaging policy-makers and community leaders.


Together, we break down the myth that Canada is free from issues like racism and discrimination. We believe that real change requires confession and collective action.

Canadaconfesses team

We are diverse Canadians uniting to confront deep-rooted injustices.

Discover our initiatives.

Led by the voices of equity-seeking youth, we create and collaborate on initiatives that build a nation where Canadians thrive with dignity and justice.

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Access Resources

You can browse free resources and discover volunteer opportunities in your community, wherever you are.

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Read, Watch, Learn

You want to know more about pressing social issues in Canada? We have 3 workshops to get you started.

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Submit a Confession

You experienced or witnessed a form of social injustice in Canada. Share your story anonymously.

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Join us in redefining Canada's narrative and reimagining a society that serves our communities.

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Group of people of various genders, ages and ethnicities

Imagine a Canada where social problems are not brushed aside. That's the Canada we believe in.


Join our team and use your talents to challenge the status quo.

Louder than slogans.

Our mission is supported by government officials, nonprofits, academics, journalists, activists, and community members who share our commitment to meaningful change.  And we've only just begun.

Get the power of knowledge.

Equipped with the right information, you can spark change.

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