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We are
Canada Confesses.

A platform created to amplify marginalized voices, expose social injustices in Canada, and connect changemakers.

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Audience Reach

We've continuously increased our social impact through social media, virtual and in-person events, and much more.


Free Resources

We're building the most comprehensive library of free vital response resources and tools in Canada.



We’re growing exponentially and making sure our advocacy work is grounded in inclusive values, policies, and practices.



We've partnered with over 30 Canadian organizations and conversated with 8 members of the Legislative Assembly.


Creating a movement of change through sustainable action.

We aim to promote more public awareness of social injustices in Canada, bringing them to the attention of the public, media, and government so an open discourse can be started, resources shared, and solutions presented.

Discover our initiatives.

See the big picture and be part of something great. 

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Submit a Confession

Witnessed or experienced social injustice, discrimination, or prejudice? Tell the world about it safely and anonymously.

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CC Resource Database

Receive access to free services, demonstrate allyship, and discover volunteer opportunities in your community, wherever you are.

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Volunteer with CC

Looking for a place to volunteer? Passionate about social justice? Leave you mark in making Canada a place others are proud to call home.

An online-based project exposing the injustices in Canada and those abroad that Canada is responsible for.

We are creating a movement that raises awareness of social issues among Canadians and their community members about the problems in our country and connects them with resources and tools to act.


We are 100% volunteer-led, and our success relies on our team's dedication to working towards a more equitable and sustainable Canada. Learn more here.