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Mary J.


Age 16, She / Her | Alberta, Canada

" The first piece of artwork I made is four sides of a fruit. I wanted it to represent the fact that everyone is different and special in their own ways like if they are a person of color.

Even though we are all different, we should still accept each other because from our DNA to the tiny molecules, we are basically the same. I want to help change the way people see others, so that there is less racism and discrimination. Through my art, I hope that others will learn more about the injustices in our society and do something about it! The other piece of artwork is earth on fire.

I think that our society has definitely changed and become more modern, but not in a good way. The technology we have now is damaging the earth whether it's pollution of any sort. The question is, why can't humans just stop doing it? Well, it's cheaper, they are most likely thinking about themselves, they know that they will most likely still be able to live and die while the world would be the same, but what about the future generations?

If we don't change what we are doing right now, the chance will disappear out of our hands. "

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