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 Voices of Canada 
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Voices of Canada is our platform where marginalized Canadians can send articles, essays, poems, stories, artwork, photographs, illustrations, music, podcasts, infographics, and other creative mediums to express themselves, showcase their activism, and create their journey to empowerment.


Voices of Canada amplifies the voices of the historically muted, excluded, and oppressed. In doing so, Voices of Canada highlights equitable and just practices by focusing on the populations systematically excluded from media and advocacy platforms.


In 2023, digital activism is ever-present as many individuals and organizations are rising to the challenge of tackling the world’s problems.


Many people are rightfully speaking out about their concerns on various social justice issues, from racism, the climate crisis, humanitarian crises, etc. Yet, not all voices are being heard.


Share your voice or pass the mic to others who need to be heard.

Why Voices of Canada?

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