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Seniors & Elderly

Seniors and the elderly are among the vulnerable populations in Canada. The aging populations and funding for seniors' health and welfare are of concern and can be addressed through community involvement.


This organization helps older adults who want to live independently, plan their finances, and take charge of their health care, by providing them with the right resources and knowledge they need in order to be independent.

Alzheimer's Association

This organization is working to end Alzheimer's and all other dementia — by accelerating global research, driving risk reduction and early detection, and maximizing quality care and support among seniors.


Cyber-Seniors is a non-profit organization that provides senior citizens with tech-training using an intergenerational, volunteer model.

ElderActive Recreation Association

ElderActive aims to help Yukoners 55+ to participate in a new physical pursuit of their interest, to try new things, and to learn new skills. The intention is that Yukoners will be participating in meaningful recreation that will also bring about many benefits for personal quality of life and for their communities.

Improving In-Hospital Care For Older Adults(Academic Journal)

by Malcom B. Doupe, Jennifer E Enns, Sara Kreindler

Academic Journal: This study goes into detail specifically in regards to a blueprint for comprehensively evaluating interventions that are conducted in complex care settings. The hope is that there are better approaches to an sub-acute care intervention (SAC), that can better prepare and transition older adults home.

Meals on Wheels

This non-profit Home Welfare Association is committed to delivering nutritious meals to senior citizens that are physically challenged and vulnerable members of the Winnipeg area.

NWT Seniors Society

This organization is dedicated to promoting the independence and well-being of older citizens through the provisions of programs and services in partnership with responsible government departments and other organizations. They provide services and benefits such as Cancer Care, Victim Services, Income Security Programs, workshops to end abuse, and act as a bridge to all programs and events for seniors in the NWT.

PE County Community Care for Seniors

The main objective of the organization is increasing awareness, knowledge and use of community care for seniors services and programs. The care is lead by staff who research and develop effective supports and services specific to the needs of the older adult population.

Physical Activity Intervention for Older Adults(Academic Journal)

by Thea Franke, Joanie Sims-Gould, Lindsay Nettlefold

Academic Journal: Despite the well-known health benefits of physical activity (PA), older adults are the least active citizens. They are also at risk for loneliness. Health promoting interventions that focus on PA and social connectedness through group-based activities can effectively reduce social isolation and loneliness of older adults.

Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia

The Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT)'s role to protect the interests those who lack legal capacity to protect their own interests. This could include children, adults who require assistance in decision-making, or the deceased.

Programs & Services for Seniors

A variety of programs and services to help you ensure your later years are safe and secure.

Sage Seniors Association

A community where all seniors are valued and have the opportunity to live according to their beliefs, abilities and aspirations.

Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association

A volunteer organization whose main objective is to promote wellness and participation, as well as active living. This is done through their walking programs, district and provincial games, workshops and seminars.

Seniors’ Abuse Helpline

The Seniors Abuse Helpline provides confidential, non-judgmental and short-term crisis intervention, emotional support and resources to those who are experiencing or concerned about someone else experiencing seniors’ abuse.

Seniors Helping Seniors

Seniors Helping Seniors is a registered non-profit society in British Columbia that works with its partner organizations to promote better health, better living, legal, financial and safety issues for seniors.

The Shaama Centre for Seniors and Women

The Shaama Centre is a dynamic community hub that offers a range of activities and services that enhance the quality of life for our seniors, women and their families especially those who are isolated because of social and physical barriers.

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