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Homelessness is the state of lacking stable and safe housing, resulting from issues that may include systemic or societal barriers, physical challenges, and some individual factors. Resources include lists of shelters, low-income housing, and other supports.

211 Montreal

211 is an information and referral service that refers citizens towards community organizations, public and parapublic services and programs near them. 211 service helps curb poverty and social exclusion.

211 New Brunswick

This website is the public online version of the database used by information and referral specialists for the 211 telephone/email service. This up-to-date, accessible, searchable database provides comprehensive access to information about social, community, health and government services in New Brunswick.

211 Ontario

211 is a helpline and online database of Ontario's community and social services. 211 is answered and updated by highly-trained specialists.

At home in the North

They create, share and mobilize knowledge on homelessness and housing insecurity in the Canadian North.

BC Housing

This is a masterlist of homeless reasources specfic to the Britsh Combla region. These include shelters and grants.

Bissell Centre

Bissell Centre strives to end poverty by giving those who need reasources those resources, such as shelter, clothing, and food.

Bridge the Gap

This is a list of shelters and services related to homelessness in the province of Newfoundland.

Canadian Network for the Health and Housing of People Experiencing Homelessness

This organization strives for a health-informed end to homelessness in Canada. This organization has several resources to fight homelessness across Canada.

Choices for Youth

Choices for Youth is a professional services, youth-focused, non-profit, charitable organization that helps youth and young families, ages 16-29, secure stable housing and employment, while working towards family stability, and better health. With a focus on prevention, intervention, and support, they help youth and their families break cycles of poverty and homelessness and transition to healthy, stable, and independent lives.

Dans la Rue

Dans la rue has grown into a multi-disciplinary team of skilled professionals and dedicated volunteers, all committed to fulfilling Pops’ vision of helping youth survive the streets, get back on their feet, and learn the skills necessary to build a brighter and more independent future.

Emergency Financial Assistance

They strive to prevent homelessness by giving Albertans financial assistance when experiencing unexpected emergencies. By providing documentation such as an eviction notice or utility bill, this service covers the costs for eviction payments, damage deposits, temporary accommodation, etc.

Government of Nunavut

Resources available in Nunavut on homelessness are included here.

Home Together PEI

This site has several resources to help anyone experiencing homelessness; it also helps renters.

Homelessness in the City of Vancouver

This is a list of resources available in the city of Vancouver for homelessness and low income.

Homeward Trust Edmonton

They are the system planner that coordinates responses to homelessness amongst all sector partners. They are the aggregator of public funds from all orders of government and leverage those resources to make accessing funding easier for frontline-serving agencies, and more coordinated in reporting on outcomes to funding partners.

HOPE End homelessness Winnipeg

This is a list of homelessness resources available in Winnipeg.

Hope Mission

Hope Mission continues to reach out to the inner city community through special seasonal meals and events and personal contact. They operate a 24/7 Rescue Van which provides emergency care for people in need as well as an inner city community church. Counselors, chaplains and volunteers visit people on the street, in prisons, hospitals and other agencies.

Housing and Homelessness

The Housing and Homelessness Partnership is a collaborative that engages the community at all levels. Nine partners from the three levels of government, private, and non-profit sector, came together in this community initiative with a mandate to end homelessness and housing poverty in Halifax.

Housing in the City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa provides emergency housing and shelter information to individuals and families who need shelter. There are several types of emergency shelters located in Ottawa. Shelters offer meals, shelter, and case management, and ensure that all clients are assessed and referred to the social and health services they need. Each shelter has a housing support worker to help clients find housing in the community.

Housing Loss Prevention in the City of Greater Sudbury

This is a list of resources for people facing or risking homelessness in Greater Sudbury

Mission Old Brewery

The Old Brewery Mission works with Montreal’s homeless men and women, meeting their essential needs while finding practical and sustainable solutions to end chronic homelessness.

Newfoundland and Labrador Housing and Homelessness Network

The Newfoundland and Labrador Housing and Homelessness Network (NLHHN) is a group of community-based service providers, municipal, provincial and federal departments and agencies, and representatives of persons at risk of homelessness, who are committed to working collaboratively on issues related to homelessness and housing.

North End Women's Centre

CTP is a supportive environment for women recovering from problematic substance use or sexual exploitation to live and reclaim their health and wellbeing.

Nunavut Housing

The Nunavut Housing Corporation (NHC) was created in 2000 through the Nunavut Legislature by the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation (Nunavut) Act. Their mandate as a public agency of the Government of Nunavut (GN) is to create, coordinate and administer housing programs so that we may provide fair access to a range of affordable housing options to families and individuals in Nunavut.

Options BC

This is a list of homelessness resources available in Surrey, Delta and Langley.

Reaching Home

Reaching Home is a Federal funding program that helps urban, Indigenous, rural and remote communities address their local homelessness needs.

Rural Development Network

RDN supports rural sustainability by filling gaps in service and avoiding unnecessary duplication of services. They accurately identify social issues and find effective solutions for them.

Saskatchewan: The Homeless Hub

The Homeless Hub is a library of over 30,000 resources. They have community profiles for every province, including Saskatchewan. On these profiles are statistics about the province's poverty and homelessness, as well as community resources.

Shelter Nova Scotia

While providing a safe place to stay for those in need, Shelter Nova Scotia seeks to grow an effective continuum of services to support people while they transition from crisis, back into the community.

Shelter Safe is an online resource for women and their children seeking safety from violence and abuse. The site provides information about the Shelters in the Northwestern Territories.

Social Support New Brunswick

This is a list of shelters in the province of New Brunswick.

The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness

The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness leads a national movement of individuals, organizations and communities working together to end homelessness in Canada.

Today House

Today House is a not-for-profit, integrated community-based program that provides immediate, overnight emergency temporary shelter for individuals who are homeless or street involved. The shelter is governed by the Steinbach (Manitoba) Community Outreach Board of Directors.

Vote Housing

Vote Housing is a national non-partisan campaign, started during the 2021 federal election, designed to engage and mobilize Canadians to form a grassroots movement to rally public and political support for ending homelessness and housing need in Canada.

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Why Fair Housing is Key to Systemic Equality (Article)

This article discusses how discrimination is affecting how fair housing is operating and being defined in society worldwide today, not only in the United States.

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