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Gender Equality

Gender equality is a state in which people have equal access to rights and opportunities regardless of gender. Resources include education, employment equity, reproductive rights, domestic and sexual violence, gender affirmation, and women’s rights in the global community.

Abortion Clinics and Services in Canada

This is a comprehensive list of resources on abortion clinics and services. Resources include hospitals, hotlines, doulas, support services and referral services. Each resource is listed with their website, email, location, phone number, and general information.

Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights

Action Canada provides a variety of resources aiding in sexual and reproductive health. Support, referrals, and information is provided to those seeking abortions and stigma-free healthcare. Action Canada describes itself as the "the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada, Canadians for Choice, the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health, and Action Canada for Population and Development."

All-Options Talkline

All-Options Talking is a judgement free, toll-free talkline. Callers who are pregnant and unsure how to feel or what to do next, or wanting to talk about a past or current experience with abortion, adoption, parenting, infertility or pregnancy loss can call for emotional support.

Ally Squared

Ally Squared is an intersectional feminist organization that uses digital storytelling, advocacy, and action to invest in active allyship that supports an equitable, decolonized and just society.

Black and Asian Feminist Solidarities

As a collaboration between Black Women Radicals and the Asian American Feminist Collective, this project looks to Black and Asian American feminist histories, practices, and frameworks on care, community, and survival for the tools and strategies to continue to build towards collective liberation.

Canadian Women Foundation

The Canadian Women’s Foundation is a national leader in the movement for gender equality in Canada. Through funding, research, advocacy, and knowledge sharing, they work to achieve systemic change.

Choice Connect Abortion Referral App

Choice Connect is a service that anonymously and confidentially connects you with abortion clinics based on your specific needs. A questionnaire will ask your location, identify the current length of your pregnancy and ask for your preferred method of abortion. Afterwards a list of abortion clinics near you is provided with their phone numbers and websites to allow for greater ease in making appointments.

Dr. Morgentaler Patient Assistance Fund

In some provinces and territories there is a financial barrier to abortion care due to a lack of health insurance coverage and/or travel expenses. The Dr. Henry Morgentaler Patient Assistance Fund provides those suffering from this financial barrier with additional funding to ensure they receive proper care.


EmpowHERto works with girls and young women between the ages of 14-21 to provide them with the tools they need to succeed and influence positive systemic change.

Equal Futures Network

The Equal Futures Network connects national, regional, community and grassroots organizations, agencies, civil society and projects from across Canada that are committed to advancing gender equality and to ensuring equal futures for all!

Equality Now

They tackle the most difficult issues, challenge ingrained cultural assumptions and call out inequality. Social change often begins with legal change and so they the power of the law to create enduring equality for women and girls everywhere.

Equity Now

Social change often begins with legal change and so Equity Now uses the power of the law to create enduring equality for women and girls everywhere.

Feminist Killjoys

Everyday experiences of being a feminist to re-think some key aspects of feminist theory.

Feminist Recovery Plan

YWCA Canada is a leading voice for women, girls, Two-Spirit and gender diverse people. For 150 years, they have been at the forefront of a movement: to fight gender-based violence, build affordable housing and advocate for workplace equity.

Gender Affirming Care Nova Scotia

Seeing the gaps and barriers in our current system, two members of the Community decided to act; they researched, wrote, and consulted with GAC experts, policy professionals, and the Community to create what will be the most progressive GAC policy in Canada. Coverage will be expanded, wait times reduced, barriers removed, and care put into the hand of individuals.

Gender Ed

GenderED is a cross-University hub for gender and sexualities studies from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Gender Equality in Canada

This is an overview of efforts to engage men of all ages in efforts to reduce and prevent gender-based violence.

Gender Equity & LGBTQ2S+ Resources

A list of gender and LGBTQ2S+ equity resources and services from the Government of B.C.

Gender-based Analysis Plus Course

The Government of Canada offers this free course on the basic introduction to gender-based analysis (GBA) Plus. Here you will learn about the key concepts of GBA Plus and apply some foundational GBA Plus concepts and processes.

Gender-Based Violence Knowledge Center

Learn about the federal strategy It’s Time: Canada’s Strategy to Prevent and Address Gender-Based Violence and access information, resources and research related to gender-based violence.

Girl Up

Girl Up guides and champions girls along their journey from leader to changemaker with specialized programming on global gender issues and in organizing, advocacy, fundraising, and communication.

Global Citizen

They support diverse young women and gender-diverse youth.

Ladies Corner

LCCMedia captures and documents women’s stories with a focus on BIPOC-Black, disabled, indigenous and people of colour.

Men Engage Alliance

The Men Engage Alliance is a global alliance that works on engaging men and boys in gender equality. They try to build and improve the practice on engaging men in achieving gender justice. They advocate for policy changes on key issues where gender directly affects the lives of women and men at local, national, regional and international levels.

Moose Hide Campaign

The Moose Hide Campaign is committed to ending violence against women and children.

Next Gen Men

Next Gen Men is a small-but-mighty Canadian nonprofit whose work is dedicated to one really ambitious thing—to change how the world sees, acts and thinks about masculinity.

Parity YEG

They serve as a doorway for women into politics and bring cultural change by empowering women to seek leadership positions in public service.

Pride Guide 2022: Youth Strategies for Tackling Gender-based Violence in Our Schools

The purpose of this guide is to present a collection of by-youth strategies that address some of the most common challenges in navigating the physical, psychological, and emotional spaces within high schools.

Sisters' Dialogue

A pop-up initiative by sisters in the Muslim community addresses issues affecting their community, and that of marginalized and vulnerable groups, with the aim to keep critical conversations going.

Skipping Stone

They offer a welcoming, positive, and judgement-free space for anyone who identities as trans, transgender, non-binary, or gender diverse, as well as those questioning, exploring or looking to affirming their gender identity or expression.

TechGirls Canada

TechGirls Canada is the hub for Canadian women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)


Voices is an art project for ALL women by Black women: they define womanhood as making solidarity. They are committed to the end of all gender harm or violence and to protecting and supporting all women.

What Does Misogyny Mean in Simple Terms?

This article defines misogyny and gives ideas on how to respond to misogynist comments or behaviour.

Yukon Women In Trades & Technology

Yukon Women in Trades and Technology is a vibrant hub with community partnerships and programs that increase awareness and provide support to women and girls in trades and technology.

YWCA Canada

YWCA Canada is a leading voice for women, girls, Two-Spirit and gender diverse people.

YWCA Montreal

They are dedicated to building a better future for girls, women, and their families. They provide direct services to empower women and girls to participate fully in society, while also developing tools and interventions to raise awareness of social and gender inequality, exclusion, and violence against women and girls among community stakeholders and decision-makers.

Read, Watch, & Learn

Hood Feminism (Mikki Kendall, Book)

Book: Hood Feminism explores the idea that traditional feminism only seeks to improve life for white women and not all women, arguing that true equality and inclusivity means seeking to lift all women, including those of colour.

Mashable Children's Books

Here are 11 inspiring children’s books to teach kids about gender equality. From board books for babies to more advanced stories about real women who've changed the world, these are great resources.

Our Body Politic (Podcast)

Created and hosted by the award-winning jouranlist Farai Chideya, this podcast is unapologetically centred on reporting on not just how women of color experience the major political events of today, but how they're impacting those very issues. Weekly episodes feature in-depth conversations about the economy, health, politics, education, the environment, and the most prescient issues—because all issues are women's issues.

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