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Anti Bullying

Bullying is "a form of abuse at the hands of peers. It is targeted and repeated and involves power, aggression, intimidation and shame. " – PREVNet. Bullying includes workplace harassment and can have physical, verbal, social, and cyber components.

Alberta Bullying Helpline

This helpline was set up by the Government of Alberta, call 1-888-456-2323 to get help anonymously in more than 170 languages or find other supports.

Black Women in Motion

Black Women in Motion is an organization empowers and supports the advancement of Black women, girls, nonbinary and gender-non-conforming survivors of gender-based violence and workplace harassment.

Bullying Canada

Bullying Canada is the only national anti-bullying charity solely dedicated to creating a brighter future for bullied youth.

Bullying Go Away

Bullying Go Away is trying to reduce bullying by offering resources to schools and parnets in need.

Bullying Prevention Saskatchewan's Action Plan to Address Bullying and Cyberbullying is the roadmap that guides the government's work to end bullying. More than 1,000 students, teachers, parents, guardians and community members throughout Saskatchewan contributed to the plan by sharing their thoughts about the effects of bullying.

The Canadian Safe School Network

The Canadian Safe School Network (CSSN) mandate is to reduce youth violence and bullying and make Canadian schools and communities safer.

Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying

The institution has several resouces, including different podcasts and books, about workplace bullying,

Family & Resource Center

FCRC is a masterlist dedicated to stoping, reducing, and raising awareness of bullying in kids, to teens, to adults.

Get Help Now

These are anti-bullying hotlines.

I am Someone

They partnered to offer youth with tools that links them with the resources they need, how and when they want it.

Kids Help Phone - Bullying

The website for the Kids Help Phone provides extension information about bullying across childhood and adolescence. The site enables visitors to construct letters to give to adults to inform them about children’s problems with bullying.

Media Awareness Network

It is a media literacy organization that provides information to parents, teachers, and students on the topic of cyberbullying.

Operation Respect

Operation Respect is a non-profit organization that is working towards a respectful and safe climate for the youth where their development can take place free of bullying and violence.

Pink Shirt Day Resources

Additional resources on anti-bullying can be found here.


Promoting Relationships & Eliminating Violence Network is a comprehensive resource for educators with fact sheets and tools to support ongoing bullying prevention.


With offices in Calgary and Edmonton, there are more than 5,000 workers from over 10 industries and 50 collective agreements. When a member needs help, this union steps in to protect and empower them through powerful advocacy with employers, superior legal backing, and assistance with many other areas that contribute to a greater quality of life.

Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention

This resource provides information about various groups (example, indigenous, people, youth, workers ) affected by bullying and how each group can become more educated on what to do.

Read, Watch. & Learn

Anti Bullying 101, (Podcast)

This podcast analyses bullying different aspects and gives tools to everyone interested in learning more and fighting against it.

Bully, (Documentary)

The documentary shows how bullying at school affects five families in different ways. Great watch for Teens and young adults.

Dear Bully, (Book)

The book has 70 stories written by famous writers for young readers about their experiences with bullying - from being silent witnesses to being a bully themselves.

Power in Numbers


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