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Shweta Mehta

She/ Her

Graphic Designer

Joined CC April 2022 

What does Canada Confesses mean to you?

Canada Confesses has been a great community to be a part of! I’ve had the chance to interact with individuals from Canada and hear their stories even before relocating there! When I started volunteering 6 months ago, I only had limited experience in graphic designing. Over this period, Ive had the chance to learn so much from other team members which has helped me improve my design skills. Canada Confesses is such an interesting project, it is giving a voice to many individuals in the country who may otherwise not come out and share their stories. As an outsider who is yet to move to Canada, this project and the idea behind it really touched my heart. I always look forward to contributing to the community because of warmth of the team members and the kind of support the team offers when it comes to external opportunities and skill development.

Why should others get involved with the project (as a volunteer or project participant)?

There are two amazing reasons:

1. The core idea of the project: Canada Confesses is sharing stories of people who may be afraid of sharing their own experiences. This project is empowers all those who are not ready to speak up.


2. The team! : The team at CC is so supportive. I’ve always enjoyed my time working for CC because of how helpful and approachable everyone is. CC offers great opportunities to sharpen your skillsets and get more experiences.

What's one fun fact about you?

I love to travel! Ive travelled to 5 places in the last 5 months! I like backpacking and travelling solo. In my free time Im either painting, cooking new recipes or planning my next trip :)

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