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Priscilla Ojomu

She/ Her


Joined CC December 2020  /   Alberta

What does Canada Confesses mean to you?

Canada Confesses means a space where we can meaningfully engage with Canadians from diverse backgrounds and have a productive conversation about how we collectively envision a nation we can all thrive in, with no one left behind!

Why should others get involved with the project (as a volunteer or project participant)?

With a diverse team of over 40 volunteers and allies from coast to coast to coast, we’re growing exponentially and we want all the help we can get to make sure our advocacy work is grounded in inclusive values, policies, and practices! Get involved to use + grow your skills and strengths in a fun, virtual environment while positively impacting your communities!

What's one fun fact about you?

I have 100+ collectible postcards of the Studio Ghibli feature films from 1984 - 2014.

Anything else you want to share?

Thanks for creating this, Nicole!! <3

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