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Our Values

We believe in having core values that guide our project, our team, and how we go about our work.

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Respect & Integrity of all Persons & the Land

At Canada Confesses, we treat all Persons & the Land with respect and integrity. While our project resides on the internet, we acknowledge all the many First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples who own the lands our volunteers operate from and continue to make our communities vibrant and resilient. We support the 94 recommendations from the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and call for Land Back to Indigenous nations. We recognize our role in reconciliation and commit to raising awareness on ongoing systemic injustices, supporting anti-racist policies, and respecting & enhancing Indigenous sovereignty. We encourage you to learn about the land you live on and utilize resources to live in solidarity with Indigenous communities.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Decolonization

Canada Confesses values and upholds Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Decolonization (EDID) principles through its core goals and initiatives. Ours is a diverse environment where everyone is included and treated equitably. We are working towards decolonizing the spaces we live and work in.

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Sustainability & Community

At Canada Confesses, we prioritize sustainability and community whereby initiatives and projects have long-lasting impacts and benefits to our communities. We strive to do good instead of harm to the communities we serve and belong to. As such, our goals and objectives are anchored by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Global Citizenship & Allyship

Although Canada Confesses primarily focuses on Canada’s injustices, it’s a project with the global community in mind. By utilizing SDG 16, we work towards exposing the injustices abroad that Canada has a role in and standing in solidarity with global movements for justice. We encourage all volunteers to act as Global Citizens and demonstrate effective Allyship.

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