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Karen Pangan

She/ Her

Graphic Designer

Joined CC October 2022 

What does Canada Confesses mean to you?

Canada Confesses means learning from one another to create sustainable and active social change and education. By creating a safe, accessible, and focused space for productive conversations, we can further understand Canada and use this knowledge to address our collective shortcomings as a nation and as individuals.

Why should others get involved with the project (as a volunteer or project participant)?

Volunteering for Canada Confesses not only means access to well-organized opportunities, skill development, and the chance to network and get to know like-minded individuals, but to learn about Canada's social structure and history and our role within it. Being a project participant means having a safe space to share your own story in a way that makes an sustainable impact for others.

What's one fun fact about you?

I like plants! I am learning how to propagate the houseplants I currently have, and I am interested in learning how to grow vegetables and herbs!

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