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Jessica Huynh

She/ Her

Outreach Volunteer

Joined CC April 2022  /  Edmonton, Alberta

What does Canada Confesses mean to you?

Canada Confesses is important and inspiring to me as a person of colour and a young female. They make sure that individuals have their voices heard on many important social problems that need to be solved globally. In addition, they work and support other charities to have a strong and united community.

Why should others get involved with the project (as a volunteer or project participant)?

They should get involved with Canada Confesses to firstly bring more awareness to the organization but also allow themselves to become active members of society.

What's one fun fact about you?

A fun fact about me is that I enjoy art! I love painting, writing, and making art and am excited for people to become participate in Canada Confesses new project called Voices of Canada where individuals can express themselves through art and have a start to their activism journey.

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