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About Us

Our Origin Story

Two Black Undergrad students with a vision for a sustainable and equitable Canada founded and launched Canada Confesses on February 19, 2021.  They met in October 2020 at On-Site Placement’s Diversity Awareness & Skill Building Youth Program and envisioned a platform that can connect and amplify changemakers.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its proceedings made a lot of systemic injustices in Canada more visible and increased our usage of virtual tools and spaces. This unique socio-political context motivated the cofounders of Canada Confesses to create their project that mobilizes Canadians online to expose and eliminate injustices in their communities.


In August 2021, Nancy & Priscilla joined ACGC’s SDG Hub and began connecting their work to sustainability. This opportunity provided them with more funding and resources to develop their project. Now in 2022, we’re still expanding, sharing confessions and resources, making partnerships, and working to achieve our mission & goals!

Our Mission
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  • Anonymous Platform -  Canada Confesses aims for marginalized and historically oppressed populations to safely share their experiences with injustice in Canada.

  • Media Campaign - Canada Confesses aims for Canadians to see social injustices more often so they’re increasingly aware of social justice issues.

  • Resources & Volunteer Opportunities - Canada Confesses provides Canadians with valuable resources and connects people to volunteer opportunities and organizations so there’s more collective action.

 What do we do? 

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We prioritize sustainability and community whereby initiatives and projects have long-lasting impacts and benefits to our communities.


We strive to do good instead of harm to the communities we serve and belong to. Our goals and objectives are created with sustainability in mind. We primarily focus on SDG #16 and its targets to serve as an anchor to achieve them.  

 How do we do it? 

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Why Canada Confesses?

Canada is considered an inclusive and multicultural society, which often obscures the experiences of marginalized populations. The majority of social injustices often go neglected due to oppressive systems. When an event disrupts collective consciousness, it is often met with a surprise from the public though it happens daily.

Canada Confesses flips the script from secrecy to exposure and from collective ignorance to mass awareness. Through confessions, we rewrite the narrative of Canada as a “diverse and inclusive society with no problems” to one that showcases the issues that exist and creates solutions so that this ideal can be possible.


 #CanadaConfesses explores how digital activism can promote awareness of various important causes, quickly unify people across a large area, and transform into sustainable, accessible, harm-free, and non-performative action. 

 Canada Confesses Benefits Everyone! 

Since whatever affects one of us affects all of us, we seek to hold dialogue with people from all walks of life, including the media, policymakers, political representatives, and leaders in key institutions. While the overall project targets everyone, some of our subprojects are specifically created to serve a specific demographic, like those often left behind in advocacy circles.


For example, our Confessions initiative is designed for marginalized communities to amplify their voice, stories, and concerns. Since marginalized community members are aware of the injustices they experience, Canada Confesses supports them and amplifies their initiatives. 

Canada Confesses also reaches out to non-marginalized communities, institutions, the Government, and the media so that they can be more aware of overlooked and neglected social injustices and become allies working to solve them.

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Our Goals

Canada Confesses works to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of Reduced Inequalities (10), Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions (16), and Partnership for the Goals (17).


Prejudiced & biased beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, and ideas, one confession at a time.


Communities with organizations, projects, and initiatives that meet their needs. 


The voices of the historically &  intentionally muted, excluded, marginalized, and oppressed.


Promote conversations on critical issues and discourses centred on understanding and addressing social injustices.


Canadians with resources to advocate for solutions to the issues that affect them and be advocates of social justice.


Individual & Institutional action on critical social issues across various sectors.

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